Nerf-N-Strike Wii Weapon! Oh Man Wii Is Hardcore Now!


Well, it is about time Wii drops it’s goody two shoe image! I have to say, Mad World and House of Dead Overkill helped out a bit with that also! This is a little odd but I have to admit, it does beat the wii zapper!  Basically it is a game controller that shoots real darts with a game included! So you can throw darts at your unexpected baby sister or the tv screen! I am sure your parents would love that! If you still want a Wii Nerf-N-Strike bundle just mozy on to I am sure little kiddies would enjoy it! I am more of a water gun type of gal anyway! Imagine if there was a Xbox 360 version I could play in Halo! Nah, I still wouldn’t buy it!

The Nerf-N-Strike trailer , after the jump!

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