New Pii Pii Game From Nintendo Wii!

New Nintendo Wii game – the Pii Pii

What can I say, it is Big in Japan! I say give it a few years and this game will actually exist. I am sure girls would actually love playing a game like this as they chuckle while there boyfriend is behind them,  “surprise” video taping them! One thing that boggles my mind is why are there cats in the toilet? Who cares right, I am more a dog person anyway! I also love the jock strap holder and  I have to admit I may like it a bit more than the Wii gun. They are selling it on thinkgeek is it a joke or what?


pixel New Pii Pii Game From Nintendo Wii!


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  1. mrjuandrful

    Nothing is Big in Japan, everyone is an obsessive freak who love odd things. In Japan they sell fresh friggin’ eggs in vending machines… weirdos :o

  2. msgiggless

    i have to agree with you mrjuandrful! they do alot of weird freaky things in japan! silly but creative in a way. lol. But i have to say if this game was in front of me i would probably try it! :)

  3. mrjuandrful

    yeah, but would you wear the underwear too?

  4. babylinda

    I definitely would wear the underwear!

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