Nintendo Bringing Netflix To The Wii This Spring

First the Xbox 360, then the Playstation 3, and now Nintendo announces that they’ll be offering the Netflix service on the Nintendo Wii this Spring.  Similar to how the PS3 will run Netflix, the Nintendo Wii will need a Netflix instant-streaming disc in order to use the service at no additional cost to Netflix subscribers.  For Netflix subscribers who would like to sign up for a free instant-streaming disc, follow this LINK.

As of now, the Xbox 360 version of Netflix seems to be the best choice as there’s a native application built into the Xbox 360 as well as the ability to stream at 1080p.  The PS3 can stream 1080p as well, but it requires the instant-streaming disc.  This announcement from Nintendo is definitely a step in the right direction since Nintendo’s Wii is still selling like hotcakes, even after the holidays.  Since the Nintendo Wii’s max output resolution is 480p, Wii owners shouldn’t expect a true HD experience out of it, but I’m sure all will be forgiven since navigating the menus will probably be much easier with the Wii-mote.

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