No More Lazy Wii Mote Action With the Wii Motion Plus!


Hey! Wii couch potatoes, this is a shout out just to all of  you! Unless you are using wii fit , you pretty much can sit down through all the other Wii titles such as Mario Kart, Wii sports, Cooking Mama , etc. What is the fun of playing tennis or baseball sitting in your couch anyway! It is counter productive that is what I say! On a side note those who jam on Rock Band and Guitar Hero sitting down should be punished also!

You know who you are ! Well lazy bums it is time to get up and work those tushies of yours for once! This is all thanks to the Wii motion plus which is yet to be released and here is what EA sports exec Peter Moore has to say.

“If you think about the normal movement you get with the Wii remote, you know you can sit on your couch and flick your wrist and you get the same reaction as if you stand up and do a full swing playing golf or tennis. What the Wii Motion plus allows you to do is do a true authentic sports motion. When you swing the racquet and you bring it back for an overhead lob or smash, then that is reflected.”


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