Overlooked Wii Game: Castle of Shikigami III


There are a lot of reasons hard-core gamers tend to dislike the Wii.  It’s faulted for being sub-HD and there’s no denying that the game library seems like a mountain of shovelware from a distance.  The problem with all the shovelware is the fact that it becomes a chore finding the truly awesome games.  Castle of Shikigami III is a Japanese “manic shooter” that hit the Nintendo Wii library back in 2008 and I completely missed it until recently.

Official description: “Journey to the magical country of Alcaland and unravel the mystery behind its missing people. As one of ten powerful psychics summoned to solve the incident, are you strong enough to delve into the depths of the Swan Castle and discover the truth, or will you succumb to its nightmare?

If you are a hard-core old-school gamer who loves vertical shoot-em-ups, there’s no reason not to pick up Castle of Shikigami III.  The best news about the game is that you can pick it up for less than $20 anywhere you can find it.  It seems like shooters are on the verge of becoming a dying breed, so I was definitely excited when I discovered this Japanese gem.

Like most shooters, your goal in the game is to destroy everything in sight while dodging enemy fire.  The controls are very simple and easy to pick up on, but the game itself is fairly challenging, even on normal mode.  This is not a game for casual players.  The bullet patterns in the game are visually appealing and offered enough challenge to keep me satisfied.  The game isn’t visually stunning, but it looks good for a Wii game and the sound is also really good.

Some people might fault the game for being short, but the replay value is extremely high.  It’s perfect if you’re looking to play about an hour per session.  The replay value comes in with playing the harder mode and trying to perfect your score.   The game has a total of ten characters, so you’ll probably want to beat the game using each character.  If you’re looking for a bad story, it’s definitely here in all it’s poorly translated goodness!  In the end, there are 55 storylines in all, so if you are a fan of poorly translated yet hilarious stories (like I am), this is the game for you.

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