Piston Honda Upgraded to Piston Hondo

piston hondo Piston Honda Upgraded to Piston HondoHe first was Piston Hurricane (Arcade), then Piston Honda (NES), back to Piston Hurricane (SNES) and now Piston Hondo in the upcoming version of Punch-Out!! for the Wii. This change of name has been common for this character as his surname changed with each release of the game while the first name always remained “Piston”.

Many speculate the name change was based on copyright issues with the car manufacturer, Honda.  Maybe it’s a wise decision but Nintendo has gone down this “name change” road before so it’s not THAT critical.

The character Piston Hondo will surely be seen in the Minor Circuit dawning his white bandana with fluttering eyebrows.

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pixel Piston Honda Upgraded to Piston Hondo

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  1. mperez19

    Maybe they changed the name because E Honda from Street Fighter got mad…

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