Punch-Out!! Wii Joins the ESRB


The ESRB is the Entertainment Software Rating Board and pretty much all released video games need to go through this board to get a game rating such as: Rated “E” for Everyone or Rated “M” for Mature.  It looks like the little fellas out there might have to wait, because the rating of Punch-Out!! Wii are Everyone 10+.  To bad, but I know I won’t have to compete against some little tike drooling all over my Wii-mote.  And no, my loss to Glass Joe did not give him his first win, thanks Refugee!

Rating summary: This is a boxing game in which players compete in boxing matches against a cast of colorful, fictional characters. While players can use standard boxing moves (jabs, hooks, uppercuts), most fights are performed in a comical fashion with an assortment of “dizzy stars,” “cartoony” sound effects, and slapstick signature moves (e.g., growling, dropping shorts, conking oneself on the head, twirling, etc.). Boxers’ faces show lumps and bruises after taking damage, and some knockouts are depicted in slow motion as players are sent flying across the canvass. One character flexes his pectoral and glute muscles prior to a fight, while another boxer belches during a cutscene.


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