The Shii: The Very Controversial Female Version Of The Wii!

NSFW: At the very end, gets a little racy

Now, that I got that out of the way, first off if there is a console out there more meant for women it is the Wii. Do you know how many moms and grandmas alike Wii-Fit, or even play wii sports for the matter! You should see my future grandmother in law Wii bowl. Concerning this video it is pretty masochistic having the games for the “Shii”console all be house hold chores and all, but that last one which is pg-13 or above,  is called Suckend Life.

So you get the idea, not suitable for kiddies. Now tell me what woman nowadays knits or irons? Not with this fast paced day and age! If you have a hole in your shirt go to cleaners and have it fixed! Have wrinkles in your shirt? Tuen on the hot water in your shower and make it a steam room like a normal person. The video is alright I guess and yes a bit controversial and risque, I am sure many a man will get a kick out of it though! So enjoy!


pixel The Shii: The Very Controversial Female Version Of The Wii!

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