Star Wars: The Force Unleashed w/ Wii-Sabers

With September 16th getting closer, day by day, we’re now reminded how exciting this game looks to be on the Nintendo Wii. was able to get their mitts on this game, and give pretty good details on how the gameplay feels. The writer describes how good the feedback was when swinging the Wii-saber.

Excerpt from Joystiq:

“Each player picks one of 27 characters — including about 11 costume-variations on the single-player apprentice — and the fights take place in nine Star Wars locations. The characters include a young Luke, Darth Maul, General Grievous, and others that don’t relate to The Force story. And their moves are all about the same as in the single-player game, so Luke uses the lightning strike alongside the “dark” characters.”

Force-grab an enemy with a Nunchuk button. But add to that by throwing them with the analog stick. An even more complicated combo would be to grab, strike with lightning, then throw an opponent. With other twists such as a way to plunge the lightsaber straight down after a jump, LucasArts says the game has about 30 different combinations of attacks.

The match locations impact the the fights, with players instantly losing a life if they fall into the sarlacc pit, Smash Bros.-style. Otherwise, Hoth, the Jedi temple, and other locations include objects to toss around at each other, giving each location subtle differences.

These setting, and deep attacks, counter-attacks, and blocks should add a lot of ways to play these match-ups. This variety makes me anticipate its September 16 release. Plus there’s a whole other single-player story to beat.

I’ve also uploaded, some pics of SW:The Force Unleashed below:

Via Joystiq

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