Twilight Scene It? Coming this Fall to Wii

Twilight Scene It?

Can you name the school where Edward and Sookie Bella met?  or What color is the T-shirt Victoria takes from Waylon? That’s right ladies, I say ladies cause only women watch Twilight, right? Coming to the Wii and DVD, Twightlight Scene It? includes more than 500 multiple choice questions featuring clips and images from the film, new gameplay modes, and a user interface designed to please fans of the movie.

The Twilight DVD version will hit store shelves this October with the Wii version making it this Fall. I’ve longed to understand why there’s an infatuation of Twilight, but maybe Scene It? is the answer…

Scene It? Twilight players will be completely submerged into the TWILIGHT universe as they interact with some of the most iconic locations, characters and scenes from the first film. Fans will put their knowledge to the test to determine who the ultimate TWILIGHT expert is!

Scene It? Twilight Deluxe Edition DVD Boardgame Includes:

* Game DVD with Party Play Feature

* Flextime® Game Board

* 4 Collectible Metal Tokens

* 100 Trivia Cards

* 16 Fate Cards

* 1 Six-Sided Die

* 1 Eight-Sided Die

* Instruction Sheet

The Scene It? Twilight DVD Boardgame MSRP is $29.99, is for 2 or more players ages 14 and up, and will be available at major retailers nationwide.

Scene It? Twilight for Wii is planned for release in Fall 2009. Scene It? Twilight for the Nintendo DS will be available early 2010. For more information on the video game, please visit:

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