Two Very Stange WiiWare Titles Out: Bang Bang Kids & Muscle March!


The first video game for WiiWare up is Bang Bang Kids despite the perverted name it seems like a very cute game. It seems to be a mix of Super Mario World and Halo. Hudson’s Bang Bang Kids has water guns instead of actual guns!  There is a huge variety of guns to choose from, even a sniper rifle gun! You can use this game with a Wii zapper. Sounds like fun, safe fun for all! This is a game I definitely would pick up!


The second one up is Muscle March, yea this one is pretty hard to describe. Basically it is alot of beefcake looking guys running around in speedos. The premise here is these muscular babes  have to chase down a thief in possession of their prized protein supplements.

The thief is not an easy get as he break down wall after wall, all while striking some of his baddest weight lifting poses. It is jam packed with rainbows, diaper wearing Polar Bears, Constellations in the shape of muscles and so much more. Confused as much as I am? Then let the videos do the talking! If the videos entice you, both come out in June and are 800 Wii points.

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