Why Adam Lambert’s Mad World is not as Important…

American Idol is getting huge attention from Adam Lambert’s Mad World.  But while that version of Mad World is keeping the kiddies entertained in front of their TV screens, SEGA’s latest rumor for ‘Madworld’ may crush that performance.  With today’s rumor of Madworld becoming a series for SEGA is a possibility it opens the discussion on “Why is it so good?”.

Sega of America marketing chief Sean Ratcliffe tells Venturebeat the publisher is also weighing a potential MadWorld sequel:

If it resonates with the audience, yes, we absolutely want to make that into a franchise. I think it’s unique, and there are many aspects of that game which are sort of pushing boundaries.

We reviewed Madworld and thought the game has great potential.  While this was one of the first next-gen games to feature a pure black &white graphic, it was well reserved within the gaming community.  Not as mouthy as Overkill, but just as much fun.  SEGA has picked up their share of great games in ’09.  And we believe this news of a Madworld sequel will give SEGA another boost when/if that game is announced.

For the record, Adam Lambert’s performance of Mad World was just ok!

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One response to “Why Adam Lambert’s Mad World is not as Important…”

  1. maradam says:

    Adam Lambert’s rendition of Mad World was spectacular….

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