Wii Bowling Ball Controller; Deadliest Controller Ever Conceived

Wii Bowling Ball CTA Digital

We’ve all seen the ridiculous nonsense controllers that have flooded the Wii accessory market a little after the console made its debut in 2006.  Sword & shield combos, a ton of gun housings, and even pom-poms.  This latest Wii accessory might trump all of them in the useless category and treads into being an all out dangerous item to allow anyone with a pulse left in their body to use.

The item I’m referring to is the Wii Bowling Ball controller from CTA Digital.  As you would expect, the purpose of this peripheral is to offer the player a feeling that you are actually bowling in the game.  I’m all for offering peripherals to players if it’ll help enhance their enjoyment of the game, but if you think about it rationally, when you go to a REAL bowling alley to bowl, isn’t the point of the game to let go of the ball to throw it down the lane?

According to the CTA Digital listing on their website, they make sure to state they will not be held liable for any damages that are caused to your residence while using their peripheral.  If the actual manufacturer doesn’t believe players will use this product safely, then why would they still offer it?  I know companies need to make money, but as I said earlier, I see nothing but terrible, terrible things coming out of a home that purchases this peripheral.

[Via MTVU, by way of Engadget]

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2 responses to “Wii Bowling Ball Controller; Deadliest Controller Ever Conceived”

  1. babylinda says:

    The dumbest idea ever. Maybe if there were virtual pins. I can see a lot of damage to your living room with that ball.

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