Wii Fit: $90 – Is it too much?

I’ve seen bundled games before, NES Powerpad with Super Mario Brothers/ Duck Hunt/ Track & Field and the classic Mario Paint with a mouse and pad, but is the Wii Fit too much for $90 USD. What Nintendo promises to have is a board that moves left to right and provides strengthening activities. Exercising on the Wii is as accurate as the number meter at the deli counter… they’re always wrong. But if you promote good health and put a Wii sticker on it, it will sell. Just ask the Japanese!


“Doing push ups on my knees is Not considered cheating”

Product: Wii Fit Board

System: Nintendo Wii

Price: $90

On May 19th, expect some Wii Fanboy to begin to record his hours, and show us his results on the Wii Fit Board. Within that schedule he will show us how Wii Fit will include over 40 fitness-inspired activities, including yoga, aerobics, strength training and balance activities. I’m a believer in Old School training: chasing a chicken, drinking raw eggs and punching dead cattle. If the Wii can reproduce the same results without clogging my atteries with cholesterol driven embryos, I’ll pay the Ninety dollars. But they’re getting my dough in Canadian money (wait is that stronger than the US dollar?).

Couldn’t think of anything for this, they look too happy – hairy armpits? See I told ya… Nothing

Via Next-Gen

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