Wii Music Release Date Announced, Oct 20th

Looking to take music lessons, give Wii Music a shot first. Coming to the Nintendo Wii on October 20th, you soon will learn how to jam like a “Wii” Pro Musician!

Guitar Hero and Rock Band. What is different between those two games and Wii Music? How bout 60 instruments to play on. That’s right folks, if you ever wanted to play the trumpet and rock out with a guitar, while keeping your rythym on the steel drums Wii Music is for you. The official release date for Wii Music will be October 20th.

If you’re looking to pre-order here’s a link to Wii Music for you.

A cool feature that Wii Music includes is the ability to create your own track, send it to a buddy via the Wii Music Messages boards. On his end, he can play the track you created or even modify the track and send it back. This feature will help players assist each other with their Wii Music tracks. I’m personally looking forward to playing any Super Mario level, and add my own twist! Popular, licensed, classical and Nintendo songs will be featured in the game. No word yet on what tracks will make the cut, but I know Nintendo will not disappoint.

Nintendo did a great job with Mario Paint, so look for good things to come from Wii Music!

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