4 responses to “Wii Review: Don King Boxing, Starring… “The Kid”?”

  1. Refugee

    Had a chance to play the game. It was actually pretty good. However, timing was a bit off, there hasn’t been a good boxing release since wii’s inception. They they release this game a month before wii punchout? There isn’t enough room for two boxing games in town, I’m waiting for the latter.

  2. DJToomp

    If you put it in the different difficulty they opponent dont get knocked down so easily. because i tried it in a different difficulty my opponents get back up. and some of them are kind of hard.

  3. joeyjuviyani

    The video of Don King wii that shows an unprecedented look into the sport of professional boxing. Watch it at: http://www.techarena.in/video/26255-don-king-wii-gameplay-video.htm


    sounds simple game …never played it before
    may try it later

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