Wii Review: Let’s Tap, Tap that Box!

Let's Tap

If you’re a fan of party games, Let’s Tap for the Wii is a bit space consuming but an original concept nonetheless.  You’ll need a box or an object that will allow sound to travel through to get started.  So get those tissue boxes, cereal boxes and tupper ware containers handy.  Just make sure to get 4 of them for your friends and family but don’t Tap that Box too hard, she’ll break you know!


A quick tutorial guides you how to place your Wii controller upside down “A” button side down.  Yo then are shown how to navigate through a couple of menu’s using the single tap and how to select an option with the double tap.  And if you can’t master the menu by tapping pick up the Wii-mote and using the d-pad or sensor bar navigate that way as well. That’s the gist of it, so let’s get a Tap’n.

The games included with Let’s Tap remind me of the good old NES days of World Class Track Meet and the use of the Power Pad.  You may be thinking the Power Pad was made for the feet and Let’s Tap for the hands, but the idea is the same and if you cheated in World Class Track Meet *cough* then using your hands will ring a bell.  The games vary from Tap Runner to a Visualizer that allows you to splash paint onto a virtual canvas.

Tap to the finish line. In this party game called Tap Runner, you tap your way through obstacles including hurdles and trampolines.  I found the tapping to be a bit on the sensitive side.  For example, I found using my fingers lightly was better than my hand ie. playing the Bongos.  The hurdles inserted are a minor challenge and to jump over them you have to tap the box a bit harder than your finger taps.

Rhythm Fingers DDR. If you enjoy Dance Dance Revolution, this mini-game will be most fitting.  The onscreen DDR-like appearance to this mini-game is the most fun.  You’ll notice that different colored circles flash across a line which represent the firmness of your tap.  Blue circles are light taps, green are medium and orange represent firm hits.  Don’t get to carried away as you’ll be promptly reminded to keep the hits softer on the box.  To add, I found myself re-positioning the Wii-mote several times due to the tupper ware I used.   You’ll then have to tap the icon looking for a “perfect” timed hit.  Miss a beat, and you’ll ruin your streak.  Similar to DDR dance patterns.  Getting the timing can take you a couple of beats, but shortly after you should be hitting the beat with a “good” and “perfect” within no time.  The songs are very “Techno-Japanese”, so expect fast paced songs.  Very fun, best mini-game bundled in Let’s Tap.


Silent Jenga? In the mini-game Silent Blocks, you have what looks like a stack of pancakes but with a star on top rather than whip cream.  Your objective is sort of like the wood puzzle game “Jenga”.  You’ll need to select a block and tap of the pieces without knocking over the star.  Careful, cause if you tap too hard the stack of blocks will come tumbling down.  Although it’s quick to learn and a bit repetitive, I found this game fun to play with a large crowd since whoever knocked the stack over was Tar’d and Feather’d!


Tap side-scroller and visual-tap. Since “Let’s Tap” was created by Sonic the Hedgehog creator Yuji Naka, there’s no surprise that a Sonic-like character would be used in one of the mini-games. In Bubble Voyager you can play the level Endless Voyage in solo mode or Battlefield with a friend. Your objective is to tap the character across a side-scrolling board filled with mines trying to collect stars with km traveled as your main goal. The further you get, the higher the score. I found this game to be very sensitive to tapping since the more you tapped, it only caused your character to fly upwards. So timed taps helps you avoid the bombs and avoid you losing your health. I’ve never been a fan of any visualizers so I will try to be curt with you. It’s the 5th mini-game and it’s kinda boring after 5 minutes or as long as you want to tap. You can create combo firework displays, tap a beat of your choice and you’ll unlock a firework. Or bounce balls into the air trying to get them into clear cups. wooo hoo. Finally make ripples in the water, I can easily do that with the bubbles in my shorts.

Rhythm Tap, DDR like with cool Japanese tracks
Innovative controls
Play with friends
Under $30

Lack of peripherals to play, yes even a box (In US version)
Low quantity of mini-games

The Wii is known for their innovative gameplay and Let’s Tap does a pretty good job at fulfilling that quality. If you’re having some friends over and everyone has runny noses, Let’s Tap and a 5 pack of Kleenex’s should hold you for an hour.


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