Wii Review: Madworld, the Prince of Crimson


If Arnold Schwarzenegger’s “The Running Man” was a video game, Madworld would be it!  Playing Jack Cayman in this beat-’em-up Gladiator survival game, you fight for your survival and for large amounts of cash in the world’s deadliest Game Show named Deathwatch.  The bloodier your deaths, and you’ll be sure to advance!  We’re excited Platinum Games developed such a needy game for the Wii.  I’m a fan of developers pushing the envelope.  Because of this, Madworld’s gruesomeness has allowed the Wii to grow up from it’s previous state of infancy.

Getting rid of Blackheads...

Getting rid of Blackheads...

Blood Code Need Not Apply. The black and white contrast during gameplay is remarkably accurate and clear to define.  Many wondered if a game that lacked color and displayed pure black and white would work.  Simply speaking, Madworld pulled it off.  Besides the obvious black and white gameplay that I somehow became accustomed too, another color of note was crimson red.  As you hack and slash your way through each enemy, the amount of blood shown would make the Kool-Aid Man jealous.  I remember a time where blood codes for video games were spoken of during lunch breaks and after school activities.  In other words, it was a code seeked for.  I’d like to know, Is there a blood reversal code out there?

Jack of all trades

Jack of all trades

Humor then death, the perfect relationship. Possibly one of the most endearing aspects of MadWorld are its commentators Howard “Buckshot” Holmes (Greg Proops) and Kreese Kreeley (John DiMaggio).  The hilarious pair of comedians drop f-bombs but in the funniest way possible.  Here’s some of the fun things they had to say while I was playing:

“It’s kind of like surfing porn while on the toilet. When you stand up, boy it sure ain’t pretty.”

“Jack better watch out, he can be sucked to his death.” “Not a bad way to go, but here it isn’t a desired outcome.”

It’s a Sin City in a Mad World. Many comparison’s to Frank Miller’s Sin City graphically match up perfectly with MadWorld.  Although monochromatic, the visuals were outstanding and the characters were fun.  Jack reminds me of a mixture between Marv (Sin City) and Hellboy.  Sarcastic and not afraid of anyone or anything.  Jack knows his mission is to kill those that stand in his way, but he’d rather do it with style.

I really miss Drive in Movie Theaters

I really miss Drive in Movie Theaters

Deaths come in Mad fashion. Now this is where the game, hit it on the nail for me.  Well actually, your opponent hits the nail, but it’s more of an impalement which can be either through their backs or anally (ewww).  Jack comes equipped with a chainsaw attachment that can be used by pressing the “B” button and swinging your wii-mote.  Swinging down slices your enemy top to bottom like french fry.  And swinging sideways cuts them in half.  You can use several weapons to damage the enemies.  My favorites are the horn and sign post.  You can pick up these weapons and stick them through your opponent.  My objective is to turn them into a cushion pin before I finish them.

You must be this high to kill the Bosses. Don’t forget, you’re on a Game Show so the points factor is important.  The more gruesome, bloody faced and weapon penetrations you commit, the higher the points you’ll accrue.  Points are important since you need to attain a certain amount, before you can challenge a boss.  But before you rush off and score big, enjoy the low life peasants that roam around just waiting to be killed.  You’ll enjoy experimenting with them as you find there’s more than one way to skin a cat.  The bosses are the highlight of each level.  While fighting RinRin my goal was to launch her into a huge Asian Noodle billboard.  Once she landed in the bowl, the animatronic giants picked her up in his 12ft chopsticks and proceeded to chomp her down like she was spicy tuna.

Suck, suck, suck...

Suck, suck, suck...

Multiplayer is Unistyle. The multiplayer games involve you and another player to annihilate as many enemies as possible within a time limit. Although I heavily enjoyed swinging for the fences attempting to impale an enemy on the nail bed dartboard, the type of gameplay is the same for the multiplayer matches. You compete in another level where you have to throw as many enemies as you can into a meat press, the more meat (humans), the more points. Turbine engines is another possible shredding mechanism, as you throw as many enemies as you can into a wind sucking turbine engine.  But be careful, if you get too close you too will be Julliene style.

Black and white visuals
Comedic commentators
Detailed Level design
Killing opponents various ways

Repetitive multiplayer games
Camera angles

We’re suckers for a good beat-’em-up game.  Madworld really delivers a fun game with plenty of humor and pleasured our pupils with the Black and White color schematics.  For once, Madworld looks great on my Wii.  Comparing the graphics to the PS3 or the X60 is not fair, but within the Wii’s visual limits Madworld surpasses them.  rated M, this adult oriented game is a good way to kick the crap our of the enemies while getting a good forearm workout spinning them to their demise.

SEGA’s been churning out good hit after hit.  First House of the Dead, Now Madworld, Next The Conduit.  This looks to be the year for SEGA.


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5 responses to “Wii Review: Madworld, the Prince of Crimson”

  1. babylinda says:

    You know I thought this game was awesome when I saw it at the comicon because of the visuals but the multiplayer is to repetitive for me! Throwing people into stuff over and over again!

  2. Daniel Perez says:

    That’s why you need to sit down and play the single player. You can’t base a game solely on it’s multiplayer.

  3. mrjuandrful says:

    I wish they would have split up the first and second player. I hated competing on the dartboard level while my opponent smacked me down the line for a double 😉

  4. Kezins says:

    single-player was a bit repetitive too. The best thing about this game is that it expanded the Wii’s game library which simply does not include enough adult-oriented titles.

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