Why Yooka-Laylee Costs $39.99 Instead Of $59.99

It is funny what topics end up becoming a focus for gamers leading up to its launch. Sometimes the focus can be geared toward its length, while other times it can be aimed at its look. For Yooka-Laylee, neither of those are an issue as the game approaches its April release date….

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UK Sales Chart: Grand Theft Auto V Back at #1

Thanks to a lack of new releases to start the year, Grand Theft Auto V was able to finish at #1 for the 10th time since release in September 2013 – and the first time since August 2016. GTA V is now the 13th game to have at least 10 weeks at #1 on…

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Nioh Has Gone Gold

Action RPG Nioh has gone gold, the Japanese Twitter account for the game announced today (and PlayStation Europe confirmed, as you can see below). This means development is complete and the game is being sent off to the manufacturer ahead of release next month. Don’t speak Japanese? Don’t worry – it’s just…

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Swery 65 is back! Opens new studio White Owls

After taking time away from Access games for health reasons and to become a Buddhist priest, Hidetaka “Swery” Suehiro ultimately left Access Games in October 2016.  Now he’s back to making games after starting his own development studio called White Owls. Swery, also known as Swery 65, is most known…