dead-alliance-1 Dead Alliance

Dead Alliance’s Multiplayer Is Being Sold By Itself for a Cheaper Price

A team-based shooter, Dead Alliance from Maximum Games and Illfonic (Friday the 13th: The Game) is releasing on August 29 for $39.99 USD, but if you don’t want the single-player content, you can buy the Dead Alliance: Multiplayer Edition for $24.99 USD. Only available on the North American PlayStation Store at the moment, the Dead…

Top-5-Features-We-Want-to-See-in-PS4-Update-5.0-Featured Features

Top 5 Features We Want to See in PS4 Update 5.0

Sony is now accepting applicants for early beta access to PS4 system software version 5.0. As this is a .0 update, we’re expecting some significant changes to be made. This isn’t your usual “minor fixes and optimizations” patch. This is more of a “holy balls, look at what your PS4…

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Killing Floor 2 murders its way onto Xbox One next month

If you’ve been dying to kill stuff with buddies in the blood filled Killing Floor 2, but only own an Xbox One, then today is a good day for you. Launching next month on August 29, Tripwire Interactive has announced that Killing Floor 2 will be shooting its way on over to…

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Take $40 off PlayStation 4 Pro, Ryzen CPUs with this coupon

When Jet was bought out by Walmart last year we anticipated an end to its popular first-time-customer coupon and the site would slowly become a clone of what Walmart is offering on its site. Turns out we were wrong, and Jet has continued to offer decent incentives on rarely discounted…

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Bayonetta headlines August’s Games with Gold selection

For a couple of months now, the selection of Games with Gold titles hasn’t been too hot. Microsoft had continuously outdone Sony’s choices on PS Plus for awhile, but then Sony seemed to pick things up and provide something other than obscure indie titles. This month, though, Microsoft is coming…

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Splatoon 2 infinite ticket glitch found

Those precious meal tickets are hard to come by in Splatoon 2. Currently, they’re only available through Salmon Run and the single-player modes. However, an easy exploit has been found (via GameFAQs), so you’ll never have to worry about fighting on an empty stomach again!

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Hellblade has an in-game photo mode

Digital photographers will have a chance to snap shots in Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice. Developer Ninja Theory today announced that the action game will launch with a fully operational Photo Mode on August 8.

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Rocket League brings us together and tears us apart

You may have already heard, but we’re a bunch of fighters around here. That’s why we launched a new video channel called Dtoid Fight! It’s for proving our dominance over other humans and also highly-relatable banter (or so we like to tell ourselves). So far, it’s all PUBG all the time, but…