Switch pops up in an episode of Eromanga Sensei

ELF YAMADA FROM EROMANGA SENSEI PLAYS SWITCH. SWITCH HAS DEBUTED IN AN ANIME. pic.twitter.com/tfhoriPMb1 — ⚧ Tamitha (@electrotamitha) April 22, 2017 That’s a pretty quick turnaround! I know traditional animation doesn’t take as long as it used to, but still, pretty interesting to see how quickly it appeared in an…

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Expeditions: Conquistador gets free weekend ahead of Viking release

Turn-based loot-gathering simulator Expedition: Viking sets sail (you think I could resist that?) on April 27th. In celebration of the impending launch, developer Logic Artists invites you to a free weekend and steep discount (currently at $4.99) of their previous title, Expedition: Conquistador, which Patrick Hancock greatly enjoyed, despite being…

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Miyamoto on the inception of Mario Kart, decision to include items

The following comes from a Retro Gamer interview with Shigeru Miyamoto plus co-directors Hideki Konno and Tadashi Sugiyama. On Mario Kart’s F-Zero roots: “Our original plan didn’t include Mario or karts. The game’s roots lie in one of the launch titles for the SNES: F-Zero. The game was designed for…

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Playtonic shows interest in making a kart racer

The following comes from Playtonic’s Gavin Price… – fan interest is there for a kart racer – when starting out with Playtonic, Price thought a project in that genre “might actually be the first game we do.” – Gavin ended the discussion by saying “Let’s wait and see.”