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Jackbox Party Pack 3 is headed to the Switch

Jackbox Games confirmed earlier today that its most recent collection of party games, The Jackbox Party Pack 3, will soon be available for the Nintendo Switch. This will be the first Jackbox game available on a Nintendo platform, since the previous entries in the series skipped the Wii U. We’re…

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Pour one out for Nintendo's Project Giant Robot

For some time now, it has seemed unlikely that Project Giant Robot would ever see the light of day. Were any of you keeping hope alive for the clumsy robot brawler? You can abruptly stop that now. Nintendo has confirmed to Polygon that the experimental Wii U title, first shown…

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Kimishima considering a 3DS successor

2) In it, Nintendo president Kimishima is quoted as saying he considers a 3DS successor because he sees a need and market for it. — Dr. Serkan Toto (@serkantoto) February 2, 2017 3) He doesn’t give more details, but he seems to actually mean an entirely new machine , not…

Plantera hitting Europe next week

#Plantera #EU #WiiU/#3DS #releasedate https://t.co/1X6H3xn0h4 @RatalaikaGames @GoNintendoTweet @NinEverything #indiegame #indiedev #gamedev pic.twitter.com/J1QuqstQ0k — Nintendo Hall (@NintendoHall) February 2, 2017 This should be the release date for both the Wii U and 3DS versions. If any other info comes in, we’ll be sure to share.

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