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Sony on Lack of PS4 Cross-Play With Xbox & Switch: “We’ve Got to Be Mindful of Our Responsibility to Our Install Base”

At Microsoft’s E3 2017 press conference, they announced that Minecraft was getting cross-platform play across all systems, but PlayStation 4 wasn’t on the list of participating systems. Then, earlier today, it was revealed that the new Nintendo Switch version of Rocket League will have cross-play with Xbox One and PC, but not PS4….

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E3 2017 – Staff Picks on What Games Impressed Us the Most

While PlayStation LifeStyle’s “away” team is on the E3 show floor to check out the latest games, a bunch of us saw the same things you did — one game revealed after another, and new gameplay shown for games that we already know. Click Here for PlayStation LifeStyle’s Complete E3…

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I played Knack 2 and felt nothing

Knack 2 feels like a fever dream. I missed the initial reports and I missed the Knack 2 announcement. I did notice it become something of a meme online. “Knack 2” people yelled, excitedly, a self-contained joke that might have already morphed into genuine affection for Sony’s latest attempt at…