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Overwatch Christmas Update Is Now Live

Overwatch‘s Christmas event, first teased last week, has gone live, bringing new skins and more to the game. As with previous seasonal events, Winter Wonderland replaces the standard loot box with a winter one, which provides a chance to unlock the new items. There are skins–see them all here–voice lines,…

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PS4 and Xbox One Get a Colorful New Free-to-Play MMO Today

Trove, the voxel-based MMO from Defiance developer Trion Worlds, is now available in open beta on PS4 and Xbox One. Available on PC since last year, Trion announced console versions were on the way earlier this year. It’s a free-to-play game but for the time being is available as an…

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Star Wars: Rogue One Review Roundup

Following some initial celebrity reactions, the first reviews for the newest Star Wars movie, Rogue One, started to come online today ahead of the spinoff’s release this Friday. We’ve rounded up some reviews here to help you get an idea about if the movie is worth your time and money….

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PS4 Pro’s 4K Support Reportedly Limited on HDMI 1.4 Displays

A handful of PS4 Pro owners are reporting issues when hooking up their consoles to HDMI 1.4 displays. First spotted by WCCFTech, the PlayStation Europe forums are littered with complaints regarding the topic, with many finding that the 2160p options are greyed out (read: unsupported) when using HDMI 1.4. Prior to the Pro’s…

Dragon-Quest Dragon Quest

Dragon Quest Builders Director Addresses Sequel Chatter

The Dragon Quest franchise enjoyed a fairly big splash at the annual PlayStation Awards, where Dragon Quest Heroes II collected the Gold Prize accolade to recognize its 500,000 sales across Japan and Asia. Not only that, but the Minecraft-inspired Dragon Quest Builders won the Gold Prize and Users Choice Prize at the ceremony, leading Square…