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Review: The Little Acre

Years before I talked my dad into letting me play his copy of Grand Theft Auto III, I remember first being introduced to video games through adventure games. The stuff I played back then was just simple Sierra Entertainment titles like Pepper’s Adventures in Time and Mixed Up Fairytales. Had it been…

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Turtle Rock's next game will be another cooperative shooter

Turtle Rock Studios has had quite the mixed history with cooperative shooters. As Valve South, it developed Left 4 Dead which was an undeniably huge success. And, once the studio went independent, it created Evolve, which more or less flopped. Turtle Rock’s sticking to the same formula for the rubber match….

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Review: Star Wars Battlefront: Rogue One: Scarif

The Star Wars Battlefront season pass has gone from the nostalgic and iconic with its Death Star expansion straight into unfamiliar territory. The game’s fourth and final add-on, Rogue One: Scarif, draws from the upcoming spin-off movie and its tropical beach planet. Does it end on a high note? Mostly.

GoNintendo – Today's BIG Stories (Dec. 12th, 13th)

We’ve got the latest episodes of Today’s BIG Story for you! We didn’t get to share the Dec. 12th, video on the site, so I’ve included it below. As for the episode for the 13th, that just finished processing right now and is ready to view below as well! Both…

Fan-Art: 3D-printed Legend of Zelda map

3D printed original NES #Zelda Map!! pic.twitter.com/aUij1ElIUS — Mike Matei (@Mike_Matei) December 13, 2016 Now that’s a pretty sight. Time to start 3D printing all the Legend of Zelda maps! I think you’re going to need a pretty big printer for Breath of the Wild!