Dawn of War II: Chaos Rising Expansion Goes Gold, Due March 11

THQ’s highly successful Dawn of War franchise is getting some fresh additions on March 11, composed primarily of dead-hearted traitors, fanatical cultists, and demons so demented and unnatural that to simply gaze upon them is to go mad. Well, they’re pretty ugly at least. Just look at that guy. Ugh.

DoW II: Chaos Rising will introduce a new army, the Chaos Space Marines. These bad boys have turned their back on humanity’s interstellar empire and their Emperor in favour of the many Chaos gods inhabiting the wrong side of the galaxy known as The Warp. Unlike the original DoW packs, anyone will be able to play against Chaos in multiplayer games, so no more servers splintered by who bought what. Chaos Rising promises not only the new army, but fresh units to all of the existing armies, which will be available even to those who don’t pick up the stand-alone expansion.

Orks get Wyrdboyz, psychically sensitive greenies who can manifest the unbridled fury that naturally exudes from the race; Eldar get Wraithguard, who, like their bigger brother the Wraithlord, are conducted by the undying spirits of Eldar ancestors; Tyranids get genestealers, sneaky, razor-clawed gits that can crack open the toughest nut, and Tyrant Guard that can turtle up and heal in the middle of combat; Space Marines get the Librarian, that can protect and bolster troops, and check out their books during off-hours.

Beyond the armies, Chaos Rising also introducs winter and space hulk stages, new leaders for the Last Stand game mode, increased level cap so units can get even beefier with experience, seven new multiplayer maps, a corruption mechanic that can lead unlock vile equipment for squad leaders, and a new single player campaign.

The one thing that bugs me that continues to pervade the Warhammer 40,000 games from their miniatures tabletop wargaming roots is that Space Marines continue to be the poster boys. The new campaign mode is from the Space Marine perspective – not Chaos, as one might expect. I don’t know about you, but I always have more fun playing as the bad guy – we’ve got enough squared-jawed goodie-two-shoes in video games, so I intend on steering the Marines right off the cliff of Chaos in single player.

Dawn of War II: Chaos Rising, is available for preorder from THQ, Steam, and Gamestop for $29.99, and more info on the game itself from the official site.

Just, uh, avoid those Slaanesh guys, unless you’re into the kinky stuff. Like pain, and tentacles.

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