4 responses to “DRM-less, The Sims 3 Screenshots – Coming June 2nd”

  1. msgiggless

    This is just sooo cool! i’ve been meaning to get into this! been interested since sim2 but i never have time to play it… maybe I’ll give this one a try when it comes out!

  2. mzitt11

    My only issue with this game is that it never ends!!!

  3. Daniel Perez

    Sure there is! Do what I do. Trap your sim in a room with no doors or windows and watch the hilarity ensue!

    OR, have him/her take a little dip in the pool, then remove the ladder and watch that sucker drown!

  4. msgiggless

    haha that is true mzitt11! it seems as if it never ends! But Daniel i will try drowning them in the pool once i get my hands on the game just to see if they actually drown to death! lol

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