E3 2009: Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online (No Disc) PC/Mac

01_woodseaglenewWell folks, remember when Michael J. Fox stepped out of the DeLorean to rescue his kid in Back To the Future II?  Then you’ll recall when he said “..The Future…”.  And now it’s here.  No more discs to play games — It’s the next step in portable gaming.  EA Revolutionizes sports gaming on the PC and Mac with Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online!  Stuck at an airport? or at your grandma’s house?  Have internet access?  Play TW PGA Online… Online!

Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online will be browser based and can be played from anywhere you have an internet location. This is the type of news our kids will laugh about in the future, as did Elijah Wood in Back To the Future II “You have to use your hands?”  (I know, another BTTF reference)

Many features will also be flexible towards the get up and go gamer.  You’ll be able to pause the game and resume at your convenience.  Check for this title to be released this Fall.  Be sure to sign up now for Online Beta Program.

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