E3 2010: New Details on “Star Wars: The Old Republic”


Bioware and Lucasarts co-presented the upcoming PC title, Star Wars: The Old Republic.  And the details announced were quite stunning for every Star Wars fan out there.  First, SWTOR will start off every player with a battleship of their own to use as a home or to navigate from planet to planet.  Allowing players to dive into the originality of each players battleship.

Secondly, the “choice” is yours.  The debate over the PVP experience on whether to choose the “light side” or “dark side” is yours.  Choosing to become a Jedi or a Sith or joing the Empire or The Republic.  Again, the choice is yours!

The first warzone will be on none other than Alderaan.  Where teams of players from the Empire or Republic will battle over glory and fabulous rewards.

We already know that SWTOR will feature a full voice over for every character in the game backed by BioWare gameplay.

Check out the Official Trailer below named “Hope” for Star Wars The Old Republic.

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Readers Comments (4)

  1. I just wish they had made a non MMO game, but this seems very interesting to me which could be a good thing since I really have no desire to play MMOs. I might have a little desire to play this one. We’ll have to see…

  2. SoldiersRequiem June 15, 2010 @ 4:58 am

    I think its about time BioWare stepped into the MMO department. They have made some of the best single player games I have ever experienced. Like many players that have played MMO’s over the years, the current selection just doesn’t deliver. Kotor was the most memorable Star Wars experience I have ever had. So having the creative force behind that game developing an MMO is a dream come true. If I think anyone can deliver an MMO that has draws an amazing community, it’s gong to be BioWare. Here’s to hoping.

  3. @Kezins

    You wish they hadn’t made an MMO? Check out KOTOR and KOTOR II. Similar time era (a few centuries before SWTOR) and made by BioWare. It is about time a good StarWars MMO has/is coming out. And who better than BioWare to do it.

  4. I’ve honestly never played an MMO I liked. Being a hard-core Star Wars fan, perhaps I’ll enjoy this one. For now, I still wish they’d made a single-player experience. For me, MMOs have always been a monthly money sink that eventually become an experience where you just farm for gold and items. This one does look a little different than what I have come to expect from MMOS. I guess at heart I have always been a single-player game fan. Multiplayer gaming is something I will do from time to time, but I game solo for the most part.

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