Steam Cuts Price On Pyschonauts

Raz is more amiable in person
If you were paying attention to gaming news over the last year you might have heard about a little game called Brütal Legend.  There was a lot to be excited about in this one:  the heavy metal fantasy setting, an inventive gameplay design and the voice talents of a little known actor named Jack Black.  The discerning gamer had eyes for only two words on the back of this game’s box: Tim Schafer.  A LucasArts alum and game designer from the days of DOS, Schafer also designed the subject of Steam’s current midweek madness sale Psychonauts.

Released on the PC April 26th 2000, Psychonauts is one of the overlooked classics of the last generation of consoles.  Great writing, creative level design and a legitimately colorful cast of characters make Psychonauts worth your time.  And at $2 USD it costs less than a beer and lasts a whole lot longer.


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