Help! There Is a Sitch On My LCD TV!


Hey gamer moms and dads check out this cool birthday gift for you child and/or niece and nephew. Who would not love a 20 inch LCD Stitch TV! Heck since you are buying your kid one , why don’t you send one over my way! Don’t worry unlike Stichy here I won’t bite! Seriously though, how cute is this. The Stitch head is actually movable as well. Now for the boring specs part if you are interested!  This Disney  Stitch LCD TV has 1,680 x 1,050 resolution, HDMI and VGA inputs, a built-in TV tuner, dual five watt speakers and a bundled remote.

All included for the low price of $1,015! Ok Ok it isn’t that low but you have to admit it is pretty unique and cute! Save up for Xmas time, how about that!


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  1. Nice!!! I just see kids waking up in the middle of the calling out to their parents and screaming a the monster trying to eat his or her TV. LOL.

  2. Really nice gift for kids it’s new and advance. Your idea i like more. I am also fan of MAGNAVOX 15MF237S 15 inch LCD TV.

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