World of Warcraft Releases Facebook App

imageI once heard that Facebook was just a big MMO, and that’s gradually becoming true. Blizzard has announced an application for Facebook, so you can share your shiny new purple text files with your uninterested friends, family, and coworkers. Achievements, level-ups, boss kills, and phat loot are broadcast over the Facebook news feed, which are all pulled from the official World of Warcraft Armory activity feeds for up to five characters. I tried using something like this called TweetCraft, that would share achievements, zone changes, and screenshots over twitter, and frankly, the vast majority of people who follow you probably don’t care, and I doubt Facebook is any different.

It’s a cool idea, and a logical step for Blizzard’s slow, purposeful stride towards world domination, but unless you’re using Facebook primarily to keep in touch with WoW friends, this is one app that will likely get blocked into oblivion. If you’re cool with that, you can install the World of Warcraft Facebook app here. Just keep in mind that I’ll probably unfriend you. Jussayin’.

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