Caption Contest: C&C Red Alert 3 Swag for you, Star Trek Geek!


These bow ties are too tight

We love free stuff.  I’m sure you love free stuff.  We’d like to give you free stuff, with our Legendary “Caption Contest”.  We are working with EA on this promotion for Star Trek mobile, and with a (funny) caption in this contest you’ll win some free Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3 merchandise from us.  What’s the relation you ask?  Simple. Sci-fi.  That’s it!

Rules are simple

1. Submit a funny caption in the comments below

2. Make us laugh and you win

What we’re giving away:

– Autographed picture of Ric Flair as Commander Hill.

– 5 Limited Edition EA Command and Conquer T-shirts.

Star Trek The Mobile Game: YOU are the captain of the USS Enterprise in this action-packed shoot-em up based on the blockbuster movie. Soar through galaxies as you race to complete your campaigns. Pick up new weapons and fight valiantly alongside and against famous ships and races from the Star Trek Universe. Collect power-ups to increase the abilities of your ship – including speed, energy and firepower. Explore the depth of the score system and get higher ratings on the high-score ladder. Get beamed up!

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