iPod Control With a Stick Of a Tongue , Eye Wink Or Maybe Twitch?


Just because in this day and age we are not lazy and obese as it is, how about we take it one step further! No need to turn the off switch on your iPod when you are in your College Classroom when then teacher asks you a questions! All you have to do is simply stick our your tongue and your iPod music will be no mores but the teacher may question why you are sticking your tongue out at him or her. This is all thanks to brilliant mind,  Kazuhiro Taniguchi of Osaka University and this is what he has to say!

The Ear Switch looks like a normal set of headphones, according to an Agence France Press report, but includes a set of sensors that allows its on-board computer to measure tiny ear-canal movements.

The result, Taniguchi claimed, is that “an iPod can start or stop music when the wearer sticks his or her tongue out”.

He added that the user can also skip to the next track by widely opening their eyes or skip back by winking. Other facial expressions could also be programmed to control other features.

That is right need to change track , just wink our of nowhere ! That will look normal on the subway when a creepy guy is checking you out!  In all honesty though, this is a pretty coo gizmo and changing tracks is sometimes a pain when you are on the run or have your hands “occupied”. Just do not be surprised if you look like a weirdo while using it and  you have to make sure you scraped your tongue  that morning and  your dental hygiene is in check!


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  1. is that a chin clef on her tongue?

  2. I know it is one pretty old tongue, I mean of all tongues they could have used!

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