Nintendo 3DS Vision Warning

Apparently, Nintendo believes that the Nintendo 3DS could cause problems with eye development in children under the age of 6.  Nintendo’s warning is very vague and doesn’t appear to include any facts.  It’s definitely a strange thing.

“Nintendo’s position is children 6 and under should not use the 3-D feature of Nintendo 3DS, and parents should use the Parental Controls feature to restrict access to the 3-D mode,” Charlie Scibetta, Senior Director, Corporate Communications, Nintendo of America.

The original statement (in Japanese) is located here. The Japanese translation by the Wall Street Journal in an articlecan be found here.

Experts have weighed in on the issue and have said the following:

“The fact you’d watch 3-D in a theater or a video game should have zero deleterious impact whatsoever,” said Dr. Lawrence Tychsen, a professor of pediatrics and ophthalmology at Washington University in St. Louis.

From what I can find, there’s very little behind this statement from Nintendo.  Hopefully they will clarify their position on this prior to the 3DS launch.  We’re definitely looking forward to getting our hands on the Nintendo 3DS!


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  1. No evidence of any harm. It is paranoia fueled by misinformation.
    Read this article here:
    As one person said in response to that article, “…there’s no evidence indicating that 3-D devices harm vision in young children. In matters of health I’d defer to physician-scientists over attorneys. Don’t we live with enough scare-tactics without inventing new ones? If you don’t want your child to play with the device then by all means send them into the back yard to play! No need to let the lawyers hector us with specious ‘warnings’…”

  2. lol dont wanna die playing a video game now do ya!

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