Rumor: Choplifter coming via downloadable games


So it’s been a while since E3 and what have we found buried in between our couches?  Receipt for Crystal Pepsi Six Pack, a left pinky toenail and a little rumor that has your favorite 1982 classic title, Choplifter, making it’s way back onto the gaming scene.  For those too young to remember, Choplifter was a game that guessed it… a chopper lifting poor civilians from the ground and transporting them to a safe zone marked with an “H” symbol and a building with an American flag.

Fun Factor for Choplifter… Were you saving these people from the Cold War?  Could it be the Korean Conflict?  No, it had to be from the poor graphics that made people scream “Wow” from the Commodore 64.  This title could very well hit the PSN, Xbox Live Arcade, WiiWare or even the iPhone.  So as long as it’s a rumor, let the comments fly.

Developer InXile Entertainment filed a trademark with the US Patent and Trademark Office for the title “Choplifter.” The filing locked down use of the title for “downloadable electronic games via the Internet and wireless devices,” raising the possibility of a digitally distributed version of the game for consoles, handhelds, or possibly the iPhone.


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