Space Invaders, Cooking Mama porting to iPhone

The classic and the innovative make there way to the iPhone thanks to TAITO, but for a price.


Space Invaders

It was 1978, the year Space Invaders was born.  There’s something so simple about defending the world from lines of aliens.  Sure, they’re just a bunch of pixels, but if they get too close to the ground… let me not even think of the horror that very well could.  Using an innovative motion sensor, players will use the touch screen to fight of the lil’ jellyfish freaks.  The “Nagoya Attack” technique and other tricks present in the original game remain here intact, and further value is added by the presence of bonus content including a rare look into the original game’s development.

Publisher: TAITO Corporation
Platform: iPhone 3G / iPod Touch
Genre: Game (Action / Arcade), Entertainment
Release Date: Now Available*
Price: US$4.99 / EUR3.99

Cooking Mama

For those women out there who like to keep up with their cooking skills, and hate to put down their gaming needs, Cooking Mama is for you.  Players will be able to enjoy the experience of food preparation through a variety of activities simulating chopping ingredients, frying, boiling, etc.  Best of all, you can make your husband/boyfriend happy and keep doing what you love to do.  I wish there was a “Shut up and make me some silver dollar pancakes”!

Publisher: TAITO Corporation
Platform: iPhone 3G / iPod Touch
Genre: Game (Action / Simulation), Entertainment
Release Date: Now Available
Price: US$6.99 / EUR5.49

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  1. hey cool space invanders on the iphone, cant wait!

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