The END of the T-Mobile Sidekick!

End of Sidekick

[UPDATE] – Data restoration was announced by Microsfot.

I can still remember the first time I had the chance to see the new T-mobile Sidekick back in October 2003! I was so impressed by all of the revolutionary features that it boasted. The cool swivel screen,the full qwerty keyboard and the overall futuristic look of it. Instant messaging from a phone was unheard of in those days and this phone had it! At the time, texting was starting to pick up in popularity, but texting from a standard cell phone was cumbersome and slow. The Sidekick made it easy to send off text msgs in a snap.

The phone became a social phenomenon with the likes of Paris Hilton, Snoop Dog, Tony Hawk and even Dwayne Wade standing behind the product. Unfortunately, over the years, I have noticed features that just weren’t cutting edge anymore. The Sidekick OS was not very compatible with certain webpages, youtube was just introduced in the latest LX 09 and Pandora is still not supported. Other phones had newer more exciting capabilities that were attracting new customers, Blackberry and I phones for example. However many side-kickers were loyal and stayed with their product…until now!

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few weeks,you probably have noticed that the Sidekick has suffered one of the most catastrophic cloud server crashes ever! They have committed the almighty sin of all sins, losing customer data.

Contacts stored on the sidekick are generally not stored locally. You can save a few to the sim card, but when you have over 1400 contacts, a few won’t cut it. Therefore the majority of the contacts are stored on a cloud server that Danger ( a Microsoft Subsidiary) maintains. Someone decided to perform a server uprgade without backing up any of the data. When the upgrade crashed, the data was lost forever into the abyss! This has caused an uproar in the sidekick community, as blogs and threads are telling stories of absolute chaos.

Many of us, used our sidekicks for business. Business contacts that are garnered over 6 years are considered a valuable business asset. The fact of the matter is that the Sidekick was not “backup friendly”! To backup all of your contacts, calendars and notes, you would have to purchase a sidekick intellisynch program and download all of your contacts to your outlook. The process was cumbersome and quite annoying! Luckily I performed a backup in August because of a critical hardware issue on the new LX 09!

The new LX 09 has to be the worse product ever introduced to the mobile phone market… ever! The phone had so many problems its a wonder who is in charge of quality control over at Danger! The phone overheats when charging, turns off on its own, has no battery life and the biggest disaster of all, the keyboard is defective! I had to return my phone 3 times because of a bad keyboard. They are made up of this rubbery material that hardens after a few days of use. Texting is almost impossible after a week because the buttons practically turn to stone! T mobile agents say its not a known issue, but according to the many discussion forums, everyone is getting carpal tunnel syndrome from this phone!

Couple the deplorable LX 09 unit with the catastrophic data outage that occurred this week and its spells THE END!  Iphones and blackberry sales will be up in the next few months as  sidekick users vertically migrate to better products!

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