Free Wi-fi Cleared by FCC, PSP and DS Playable Everywhere!

FCC will move forward with a plan to auction off airwaves to a bidder who agrees to offer free, national wireless Internet service.

We can give you all the specifics of free wi-fi, but we’re a gaming site.  And if you happen to pop onto our site, you expect to see… “Gaming News”.  We’ll, I’ll do my best to keep this post as “gaming” as possible.  The FCC is expected to finalize rules this year and could begin auctioning off airwaves in early-to-mid 2009.  By many estimates the free service will be available to 50% of the US population in four years.

T-Mobile has fought FCC Chairman Kevin Martin’s proposal to encourage development of free Web access by raising concerns that the service would disrupt the company’s 3G wireless network, for which it charges customers. But FCC engineers said recent tests in Seattle showed the airwaves could be used for a wireless broadband service “without a significant risk of harmful interference.”

“This report confirms that we’re able to move forward with broadband services as proposed by Chairman Martin without causing harmful interference to license users of adjacent spectrum,” said an FCC spokesman.

The possibility of Free National wi-fi is great news for owners of a Sony PSP and a Nintendo DS.  Those portable devices thrive off wi-fi and would truly make them a portable gaming device.  Just imagine updating your PSP firmware while walking down a street in NYC.  And of course you Apple iPhone guru’s, I haven’t forgotten about you.  With Free wi-fi, it would make the iPhone the device of choice.  A true ALL-in-one phone/gaming device/gps/mp3 player with… no 3G costs to you.  Now as a gamer, I’ll present to you just some of the benefits of Free Wi-fi.

  • Mobile gaming could become “MOG” Mobile Online Gaming
  • Subscribers of PlayStation Network and Xbox Live will connect with NO charge to the Internets
  • Big City?, good chance you’ll get this service

And of course some of the neagtives

  • FCC monitoring all your wi-fi activity
  • Speed limitations based off sharing broadband
  • Live in the woods?, no luck seeing this within the next 10 years

What do you guys think of Free wi-fi, do the pros outweigh the cons?  I say with what we know, (or are privy to) free wi-fi will work.

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