1980’s Arcade Sleeper- Gladiator!

Nothing better than finding a $ 10 bill in your pocket, unless of course its a larger denomination. I found the next best thing, to make our readers aware of an excellent arcade game they probably missed back in their youth. Now you have a chance of reliving your youth by playing the game today, well at least through MAME! Or should we just sign a petition to have this released via VC?

I remember the corner pizzeria by our home in NJ, it was called Vito’s! Vito’s always had  rare games to play, not just your Pac Man’s and Galaga’s. Gladiator sticks out in my mind as the best arcade game at the time! The characters were larger than anything I’d have ever seen in games. The graphics were superb for 1986 standards. It was not a game that was too difficult, it was just right. One can get pretty far after practicing for a while.

You can call this game a suped up version of Kung Fu Master. It had a similar side scrolling presence, and one had to travel across floors and defeat a boss at the end of the floor to proceed.

This game has replay value galore, you can play it over and over and not get bored. It also stands up well with time, as younger gamers will appreciate its “modern fun” value.

If this outstanding game slipped through the cracks back in the 80’s now is the time to experience Gladiator. Its not as good as finding a $10 bill, but it has tremendous nostalgic value!

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