22 Year Old Punch-Out!! Secret Revealed

Bald Bull

For those of us that still enjoy the NES classics, here’s one that’s 22 years old and still holds true.  In an interview with then developer, Makato Wada he was able to spill the beans on a tip in the original Punch-Out!! many fans wish they knew.

For those who have played Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!, you know one of the more difficult boxers to box is Bald Bull.  Keep reading to see the secret:

This is a great opportunity, so I have something I’d like to say. In Punch-Out!!, the game gives you a lot of hints about effective timing of punches. There is a big boxer called Bald Bull in the NES version as well and a light flashes to the right in the audience when he charges. If you punch when it flashes you will land a body blow.

What? Really?

No one has known about that for about 22 years…


I was wondering when I would have a chance to tell people that.

You’ve been holding that information for 22 years since the release. (laughs)

Now that I had the chance. (laughs) There are a lot of hidden elements in the NES version.

So there you have it.  If you happen to have the original NES cartridge, (emm or rom) fire it up and give it a try!


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  1. All this time…wasted…now he decides to tell us the secret!

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