8-Bit Fatalaties! Bringing It Back Mortal Kombat Style!

Flickr user tastypaints.com had a crazy idea. That being what it would be like if 8-bit games were as violent and bloody as they are nowadays.  The game who pretty much started the gore all together being Mortal Kombat, was his inspiration. He captures the essence of tearing hearts out of opponent’s body sort of speak and makes innocent characters who would never dream of such a thing do the unthinkable! 

Characters like Mario, Jiggly Puff and Pac Man look like bloody thirsty , violent fiends! Pretty interesting concept. You can read some words from the artist himeself and see more grotesque pictures after the jump. Why? Because Perezstart is here to shock you that’s why.  It reminds me of those Pokemon after the battle art project of another post.

“Before Mortal Kombat, violence in video games was largely unheard of or ignored because of its extreme pixelized simplicity. But when Liu Kang and Sub Zero came along to finish off arcade goers the world changed and parents were in an uproar (not mine though).

Just because you didn’t see pac-man violently tearing into the ghosts with his jaws, or mario smashing in the brains of a goomba, thats what I knew was happening. I knew my goal was to kill these enemies, so Mortal Kombat wasn’t a big change for me. And so, I decided to show everyone just what I imagined was happening when these little blocky, pixelized abstractions did when they came into contact with eachother, but in a much more visceral, and gory way than could ever be shown with limited graphical systems.”

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