Babes in Boxing, 50 Hottest Ring Card Girls


[UPDATE] – More pics added below. You requested more of the “blue bikini” chick.  And we deliver…

We’re very excited for Fight Night Round 4, and we’re loving Don King Boxing on the Wii.  But with all this male testosterone going around, we thought we’d entertain you boxing fanatic’s with some of the hottest Ring Card Girls.  We’ve scoured Boxing Arena’s everywhere to present to you these Babes in Boxing.  We’re hoping that FNR4 will again feature Ring Card girls again, like they did in FNR3.  But it’s only us hoping this will happen more than IF it’ll happen.  Please listen to our cries EA!

hot-ring-girl-1 hot-ring-girl-5 hot-ring-girl-25

ringgirl37 ringgirl29 ringgirl36

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