Classic Arcade Gaming Tournament at Richie Knucklez in NJ


Coming this weekend, is the Classic Arcade Gaming Tournament in Flemington, NJ hosted by Richie Knucklez Arcade Games.  The event takes place on Saturday March 14, 11AM – Midnight and Sunday March 15th, 10AM – 4PM.  If you’re a true old school gamer, this weekend is the place to attend.  The founder of Twin Galaxies and Head Referee Walter Day will be in attendance signing autographs and greeting fans.  The $40 admission fee will cover unlimited play for 19 hours as well as 4 hours of Friday evening.

arcadesThe big story is around previous high score owner Tim Szcerby trying to take back his Donkey Kong.  On August 17, 2000, Tim gained the score of 879,200 points on the classic arcade Donkey Kong, being the first man to knock off Billy Mitchell’s 874,300 point score from 1982.  This put Tim on top of the scoreboard as the official Donkey Kong World Record Holder, a mark he held for nearly 3 years before Steve Wiebe entered the world of Twin Galaxies. Well, this weekend Tim will attempt to regain his title at Richie Knucklez Arcade.  For those King of Kong fans, Mark Alpiger will also be in attendance.  Rumors spreading on the Opie and Anthony Show, now on XM, claiming that Steve Weibe may make an appearance.  We doubt it, but it would be cool to see him or Billy Mitchell show their skills to a bunch of next gen gamers.

PerezStart will be on hand taking pictures to meet and greet these old schoolers.  Maybe we can hook up an XBox 360 or PS3 and test their skills on Call of Duty.. whichever version!

The fourth annual Classic Arcade Gaming (dot com) Tournament will be held this year at Richie Knucklez’ Arcade, from 11 AM Saturday, March 14th through 4 PM Sunday, March 15th (additionally, a practice session will be offered on Friday evening beforehand). The arcade (which features over 40 classic game titles !) is located at 631 Rt. 12, in Flemington, New Jersey, and owner Richie Knucklez is co-organizing the event with classic arcade gaming advocate Mark Alpiger.



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