3 responses to “Review: Data East Arcade Classics – Wii”

  1. mrjuandrful

    Great Review! I also wish they would have included Karnov but you missed other classics I would have loved to see.

    – Ring King
    – Karate Champ
    – Robocop

    I’m not sure if Robocop was an arcade title, but it should have been ;)

  2. mintchip

    I picked up this game and I have also enjoyed it a ton. I CANNOT WAIT for Volume 2 with Karate Champ, Midnight Resistance, and more Data East games!! I sure hope they do it!!!!

  3. Daniel Perez

    Wow! $20 for all of these games? I still remember when Bad Dudes alone cost that much. Also, I wasn’t aware Burger Time had a sequel.

    Great review!

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