Review: Data East Arcade Classics – Wii

I remember growing up throughout the 80’s being infatuated with Video Games. I loved my Atari, my Nintendo and most of all,  Arcades! That is why I prefer to write about retro-writing, it gives me a chance to relive those childhood memories, share the memories with other late 20-30 somethings as well as inspire a new generation of gamers.

As a kid, having a home console was great, you just had to convince your parents to buy you the hottest game at the time and you would have unlimited play on that game until you couldn’t play it anymore. Arcades were a bit trickier had to convince parents to take you to an arcade and then convince them to constantly give you money to play the games over and over. Thus, arcades weren’t as cost effective to a young lad like me, especially since I was broke. I remember reading gaming magazines about so many new and wonderful games that were out there, i just couldn’t play them all. Years and years pass by and then the games become just memories.

This is where Data East Arcade Classics steps in, now I have a chance to play these arcade favorites, at home, with unlimited play! I must say, the game lineup in this package was quite impressive:

Key Game Features

  • Includes 15 classic arcade games:
    • BurgerTime
    • Peter Pepper’s Ice Cream Factory (the rare sequel to Burger Time)
    • Bad Dudes vs. Dragon Ninja
    • Burnin’ Rubber
    • Caveman Ninja
    • Crude Buster
    • Express Raider
    • Heavy Barrel
    • Lock ‘n’ Chase
    • Magical Drop III
    • Secret Agent
    • Side Pocket
    • Street Hoop
    • Super Real Darwin
    • Wizard Fire

I really enjoyed the mix of early 80’s and some 90’s games. From BurgerTime to Burnin’ Rubber from Street Hoop to Wizard Fire, the variety keeps classic gamers fully entertained. Depth wise, you can choose from shooters and sports titles as well as an action games and puzzlers.  Data East Arcade Classics really provide an overall truly nostalgic gaming experience.

Some of my favorites are:

Street Hoop-
The game has a great NBA JAM feel to it, where the player can “be on fire” and make challenging shots over any defense.   Lots of fun to play and easy to learn if you’ve played NBA Jam over the years.

Secret Agent-

This game has a great opening screen of player falling out of a plane and attacking enemies while they descend.  Secret Agent includes a variety of screens including a “Jaws-like” screen where the agent has to attack sharks etc.  This game was tons of fun to play again.

Bad Dudes Vs. Dragon Ninja –

Bad Dudes was a classic favorite growing up. Who could forget Karnov as the boss of the first level or the muscle shirts that the players would sport to take on the enemies? lol The game brought back great memories for me, haven’t played it in over 20 some odd years. All I get is a burger for my efforts? Republicans never cease to amaze ME!

The compilation features many extra’s like saving accomplishments on your Mii character, unlockables and my favorite, unlimited credits! 😀

I must say I spent many hours reliving games that I never played before,  as well as games that I’ve haven’t played in over 20+years. I appreciate the nostalgic value that the compilation provided. Everyone knows about Pac Man, Galaga and Donkey Kong. However, it was nice to play Lock and Chase, BurgerTime and Burnin Rubber again. Something has to be said about playing the other classic games that might not make the headlines, in my opinion these are the lost heroes of classic gaming!
– Great variety of games throughout the 80’s and 90’s
– Variety of genre
– Features Mid-range classics that are often forgotten
– Great price  $19.95

– Long load times
– Cumbersome Menu
– Where is Karnov?


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3 responses to “Review: Data East Arcade Classics – Wii”

  1. mrjuandrful says:

    Great Review! I also wish they would have included Karnov but you missed other classics I would have loved to see.

    – Ring King
    – Karate Champ
    – Robocop

    I’m not sure if Robocop was an arcade title, but it should have been 😉

  2. mintchip says:

    I picked up this game and I have also enjoyed it a ton. I CANNOT WAIT for Volume 2 with Karate Champ, Midnight Resistance, and more Data East games!! I sure hope they do it!!!!

  3. Daniel Perez says:

    Wow! $20 for all of these games? I still remember when Bad Dudes alone cost that much. Also, I wasn’t aware Burger Time had a sequel.

    Great review!

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