14 responses to “E3 2009: Steve Wiebe Gets Kill Screen on G4TV, Donkey Kong Record Attempt”

  1. John

    wtf! billy mitchell you suck

  2. mario

    Billy mitchell sucks, steve wiebe is the real king of kong,and he doesnt have an ugly mullet

  3. mason v.

    damn u billy mitchell, your hot sauce stinks just as bad as your attitude! You better hope your restaurant keeps goin cuz ur washed up in the gaming world. U & ur dirty tricks suck!!!! steve rules!

  4. john

    So did he beat it?

  5. Sanzee

    No he didn’t beat it, but it’s clearly obvious that Mullet Man planned this and doesn’t want Steve Wiebe to break his record. Mullets are for rednecks! Stop wearing that suit with the American flag tie! Nobody likes people who dress from the 80’s! Mullets are a crime of war!

  6. ewald

    billy is my hero…..

  7. Ill Brujo

    Billy is a scum bag. If he really had the chops he would go head to head with Steve.

  8. alex 4.0

    o g not staged at all

    great work fellas, shout your PR guys that columbian they were always after

  9. lb1782

    Live Scores Billy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  10. grasshopper

    wow all that build up for nothing… that sucks

  11. gaja b

    I just got back from a family vacation in FL. It turns out that I was at the bar sitting next to a big gamer named Billy Mitchell. After hours of drinking, he starts babbling about not actually achieving scores which he once claimed. Apparently, with the help of others, was given credit for games he never even played. He was suspiciously visiting the restroom every 15 minutes and acting very strange. He has this very odd haircut and thinks he is this amazing person. My girlfriend and I couldn’t stop laughing at his ridiculous hairdo and white powdery substance smeared across his nose and brow. Poor Billy!

  12. Kwiaciarnia Kraków

    hey! its was plain and simple! thats what i like

  13. luis from caracas venezuela

    billy mitchell is a estupid nerd |u sucks man …….!

  14. luis from caracas venezuela

    steve weibe is a new winner

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