E3 2009: Steve Wiebe Gets Kill Screen on G4TV, Donkey Kong Record Attempt


[UPDATE 3] – Steve Wiebe gets a KILL SCREEN on LIVE TV. Final Score 989,400.

[UPDATE 2] – Steve Wiebe currently has 970,000 with 1 life in his pocket.

[UPDATE] – Steve Wiebe currently has 900,000 with 1 life in his pocket.

In a surprising turn of events, Steve Wiebe –attempting to break the Donkey Kong Hi-Score record — received a green screen of death.  It’s not the “Kill Screen” that’s been made famous when you beat Donkey Kong and Mario just spins in his spot and dies — Game Over.  It’s one of the more successful types of ending your Donkey Kong gameplay experience and one that Steve Wiebe has done at Funspot.

It seems that during Steve Wiebe’s attempt at the World Record presented by G4 at E3 2009, the power was suddenly cut short.  Can it be the ghost of Billy Mitchell watching over Steve Wiebe’s attempt.  Up to that point, Steve Wiebe had a perfect game with no deaths and was up to level 12 with a score over 150,000.


While the video was cut short due to the power outage of the Donkey Kong cabinet, the audio continued and what we heard next raised our eyebrows “my game shut off..billy mitchell must be behind this”.  We’re not exactly sure if Steve Wiebe or Walter Day (Referee on site) made that comment.

Watch it now LIVE.

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