Ever Wonder What Injuries Pokemon Incurred After The Battle?


Sure, we all love Pokemon and it is all honkey dorey at the time of the fight, when your your favorite Pokemon is kicking your enemy’s ass!  Now, what happens when the poor little loser Pokemon like this Pikachu here goes back into the pokeball? The answer you seek is above and it is no pretty picture, it is all fun and games while the battle is going on but behind the scenes, not so much.

It is like the movie “The Wrestler”, sure you cheer  your favorite WWF characters in the ring but do you think about them after the staples poking through their skin, the needles, glass and so forth? Poor little guys Jublin on flickr is the creator of this concept,  makes you appreciate the Pokemon a little more don’t it! I posted a few more busted up Pokemon, go to Jublin’s page for  them all.

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  1. Nooo, They are ok, But some are too graphic, Pokemon moslty faint after a lost battle or draw

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