Hello Kitty & Pikachu Relaxation Solar Desk Toys Straight from Japan!

Are you often stressed to the core at work and want to throw your phone against the wall so it shatters in pieces. Do you ever have customers that if they possibly aggravate you for 10 seconds more you feel you might lose it and commit bloody murder? It is ok , it is a normal feeling we all experience. Unless, you actually commit bloody murder then, that is a whole other story! Well, let all those horrible thoughts  drift away from your mind with these solar powered desk characters!

They bob, left and right , right and left and melt all your problems away. They are better than yoga and meditation! They have characters such as Pika-Chu, Hello Kitty,  baby chicks and more! They are kind of entrancing so do not stare to long at them you might get hypnotized! To be honest with you after watching the video alone I feel way better!  Just saved me $20 bucks, I am using it as my screen saver at work! They go from $19.99 and up on Gizmine.com!


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