It’s Back, Original Sega Dreamcast on Sale for $99

The fine folks over at have re-stocked their inventory with.. ready for this… The Sega Dreamcast for a whopping $99! For many true gamers who went through the “video game console timeline” of the ’90s know that the Sega Dreamcast was a superior piece of hardware.  Ahead of it’s time, the Dreamcast offered some of the better titles which included; Virtua Tennis, Shenmue and Jet Grind Radio.

Ryo from Shenmue

Ryo from Shenmue

Bundled in with for the price of $99, Thinkgeek has a very enticing offer which comes with the below:

Product Features

  • Original Sega Dreamcast gaming console new in the box
  • Includes the following
    • Dreamcast Console
    • One Controller
    • Power Cable
    • AV Cable with composite video and stereo audio
    • Phone cable
    • Built in 56K Modem
    • Web Browser 2.0 Disc
    • Game Demo Disc
    • Instruction Manual
  • NTSC USA Version (Won’t play imports without a boot disc or hardware hack)
  • You need to provide your own game discs
  • 30 Day Return Policy through ThinkGeek (Sega does not support the warranty any longer)


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