Mario Paint for the Wii?


One of my best Christmases as a child was the year my big brother bought me Mario Paint for Super Nintendo. The year was 1992 and this concept was amazing, I got to do my two favorite things at the same time, color and play Nintendo. I spent countless hours playing this game, from composing my own music using Mario heads, Yoshi’s , Mushrooms and stars to spray painting my name is every color imaginable. My favorite in-game feature was definitely the fly swatting game, who ever played Mario Paint would remember this mini-game called Gnat Attack.

There have several sequels to Mario Paint since the 1992 release on SNES,

  • 1993 remake BS Mario Paint  – Yuu Shou Naizou Ban released in Japan
  • 1999 series of games were released exclusively in Japan for the Nintendo 64DD titled Mario Artist

While no official sequel has ever been released in the United States Mario Paint made a Cameo appearance in Warioware Touched as “Wario Paint”.

Could an updated version for the Wii be in the works? I have heard rumblings of a Wii release but no official confirmation.  Having Mario Paint on the DS would be another possibility, the touch screen is already there.

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  1. That’s right, Gnat Attack was so addicting. I loved swatting 3 at a time, as they crossed in front of my swatter!

  2. You know, I am a HUGE mario fan yet I never played this game! I hope it does come out for the wii because of your review, I needs it!

  3. No way! If this comes true, it looks like I’ll be composing some more amazing music within Mario Paint.

  4. I loved this game as a child and would buy this in a heartbeat if they made it but you have to wonder how easy would it be to paint with the wiimote? you would be painting in the air right?

  5. Can we start a rumor that Mario Paint is coming to the DSi?

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