New King of Kong Celebration at Barcade – Hank Chien

Hank Chien Donkey Kong Champ took a trip to Barcade in Brooklyn last week for the exclusive celebration of Dr. Hank Chien. As we all know by now, Hank surpassed the holy grail of all video game records, the top score on Donkey Kong. This was our first visit to the legendary Barcade. We were very excited to finally visit Barcade and of course to attend Hank’s exclusive celebration of the Donkey Kong record.

We were very impressed with the laid back attitude of the patrons and the excellent selection of top arcade classics.  There was even a Barcade dog patrolling the venue, only in NYC!   I spent a few quarters at one of my favorite arcade classics, Rolling Thunder. Our EIC, still can’t get enough of the Tapper Machine, the unit in Barcade is perfect!  Other games we found here was Pengo, Contra, Punchout, Qbert and many other great classics.

PerezStart Tapper

After becoming acquainted with the excellent selection of Arcade Classics that Barcade featured, we noticed that Hank’s crew started to arrive. A film crew arrived capturing the ambiance and feel of the place. They started to film the patrons, conversations and the reserved area where the celebration was to take place. Shortly thereafter, Hank arrived with a group of friends, including top gamer Jimmy Linderman.

Hank Chien Barcade

Many patrons started to approach Hank asking for autographs and asking him questions about his phenomenal feat.  Hank was delighted to share his thoughts and experience with all of his fans. After a few minutes, the Donkey Kong cake arrived, nicely decorated and shaped like a barrel. We all gathered around the cake, took pictures and really enjoyed the moment with the King of Kong.

Donkey Kong Cake

Afterwards, we celebrated with a group Donkey Kong shot for all to enjoy. We at would like to thank Hank, for the invitation to this intimate event, celebrating an achievement that will last the test of time. We look forward to seeing the complete documentary of Hank’s achievement when it is complete.  Long live the new King of Kong, Hank Chien!

Donkey Kong Celebration

Donkey Kong Celebration

Donkey Kong Celebration

Donkey Kong Celebration

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  2. chess sets says:

    Awesome cake. One slice of that is already a foot high.

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